2020 Retreats Coming Soon


We’ll be announcing our 2020 retreats in the coming months! Sign up for updates, and you’ll be the first to know when we announce next year’s retreats!


What Others Say…

"Few memories bring as deep and wide a smile to my face as the Ireland Retreat. It's a pilgrimage, a field trip, an experiential learning adventure, a community, a vacation, and a full immersion in Ireland's history, poetry, and beauty all in one. Gareth Higgins is a master storyteller and more: you'll come home with stories of your own to tell and savor. Really, you should go!" - Brian D. McLaren, Author and Activist, Florida

“Ireland Retreats, led by Gareth Higgins, are the best way I know how to do the three things I expect from travel abroad: (a) get to know local people who are vitally engaged with the culture (in this case, the peace movement); (b) become more deeply immersed in the country’s rich history; and (c) experience the natural beauty distinctive to the area. On the Ireland Retreat you experience all these things and you have a great time, get to know interesting people in your group, and get to know yourself better as well.” - Eric Elnes, Ph.D., Pastor, Nebraska.

“This retreat time in Northern Ireland has nurtured me, changed me and brought me much joy. Please give yourself the gift of this never to be forgotten experience.”  - Karen Moore, Inn-keeper, North Carolina

“Gareth is a warm and insightful guide on both the geographical journey through his homeland of Northern Ireland, and the soul journey that is woven into it. He also has a knack for assembling cohorts of fellow travelers and local friends who will enrich both adventures. I can’t recommend this trip highly enough.” - David LaMotte, Musician, Writer & Activist, North Carolina

“Sure, there’s beautiful views that will inspire you to fill your camera with images, and there’s beautiful walks that will fill your lungs with air. But the ideas that stir your imagination will inspire interesting conversations that fill your mind with beautiful questions, and all together, the Ireland adventure will fill your heart with hope.” - David Wilcox, Musician, North Carolina

“We've had the extraordinary gift to be on retreat with Gareth in northern Ireland. The experience of taking time away from our demanding lives to sink into their amazing stories, music, and meaningful conversation, has brought both healing and an incredible new energy toward deeper purpose in our lives.” - Francie Calfo & Trent Jones, California